The ‘Oh so warm’ Down Jacket

Happy 2018!! Hope you got the time to relax and enjoy the holidays with your family. New Year holidays are especially cozy. And with a lot of temperature dropping I thought why not to write something for extreme winter weather. Doesn’t winter layers make you feel like a snowman (lol) ? Don’t you get burdened with the weight of so many layers in winters? Well, if you do, then it’s time for investing in a good lightweight jacket which is equally warm and stylish. Staying warm isn’t just a matter of comfort. ‘Tis a matter of safety and ‘Down’ Jackets are likely your best pick if you’re worried about being cold and want a lightweight option.

Down comes from the plumage of ducks and geese and makes the best insulator. They can be packed into small volumes while travelling. So there’s a reason for them to be pretty pricey. The occasional splurge on a spectacular ‘Down‘ Jacket can be well worth it. And you don’t need a heavy, puffy coat to stay warm and toasty.

It was only last year when I got mine, a white Ivanka Trump down jacket for $150 and I never regret my purchase. I wear it to almost every place I go in extreme winters. It has got the perfect balance of style and warmth, ready for whatever plans you’ve got at work, after work or at the weekend. Even the zippers and hanging chain loop are pretty and looks like a designer outfit. You can wear a dress underneath or can use it over jeans and T-shirt or even over formals. It’s a must have to survive the Polar chill in style.


Look for a longer one when making a purchase as they insulate more than half of your body and the rest you can cover with boots. Grab your sunglasses and you are ready to go! Long jackets also make you look taller and slender. There are various styles available in Down like quilted, puffer, waist defining belt, faux fur hood, wrap coat. It isn’t only limited to women’s wear but they are available for men and kids too.


I have paired mine with boots and jeans. Always accessorize your jacket to perk up your outfit. In the daytime I have worn sunglasses and in the nighttime I have accessorized with my scarf to add colors to my look. You can also wear your cross body sling bag inside your jacket if you want to keep the zip open or carry your Tote.




Here are the similar Down jackets that you can purchase. I can’t believe they are on SALE.




Stay warm!

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