Don’t Chuck Your Old Clothes – Restyle Them

Winters are already here and finally we saw some snow this week. First snow of the season helped spark some holiday cheer and it’s so beautiful around. Rummaging through my closet for a Jacket to wear for a snow day, I came across my old Guess overcoat that my husband gifted when I first visited him in the US (That was the only surprise gift I have liked so far lol). I first thought to take it to a charity shop but actually I didn’t want to get rid of it as I have some sentiments attached to it. But where will I keep it if I am not going to wear it. I left that thought to ponder later and wore another jacket to a shopping mall as we were getting late. While shopping in Forever 21 I continuously had a dilemma about my overcoat, then I came across something and BINGO! I knew what I had to do with the overcoat. Okay, it was time to give my overcoat a whole new look.

Many of us have those unwanted ensemble that we don’t want to chuck. Jackets and overcoats are staple to any chic wardrobe. Rather than buying a new overcoat we can
make our old one look fashionable again. So here are the ways we can restyle unwanted Jackets/coats/sweaters that are dear to us and we don’t want to give them away.

Faux fur has been such a huge trend this season. It’s an easy way to add warmth. You can add it to any of your sweaters, jackets, coats for an instantly updated look. I bought this Faux fur collar from Forever 21 which gave me the idea to restyle my coat. Adding it to any of your ensemble makes it stylish and you don’t have to spend big bucks to get this look. It costed me only $5 and it changed the look completely. It comes in various colors and patterns. And don’t worry! if you are not a fan of fur. You can use long scarf over your overcoat and tie it around you neck and leave the ends hanging. Check out the before and after pics.


AfterAfter 1

Alternatively, you can also shift the focus from your overcoat to your face and legs like I did. Pair it with a smart hat, cool shades and contrasting long boots and there you go! Pom-Pom beanie is ‘very in’ this season so I have picked it for styling. I have teamed this overcoat with jeans and my Aldo boots. For lip stain I have used MAC Sunny Seoul Creme Sheen to add softness to my Winter look.



I have also tried using this fur collar with my Moto Jacket that I recently purchased. Have a look.


These are the ways that I could think of restyling my Overcoat. So which one will you choose? I have added the website links of some of my favorite stuff for your reference in case you want to shop my looks.

Click here

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