How To Find The Perfect Foundation

Happy Friyay 🙂 I never knew that I can write beauty posts as the people who know me well can tell that I was never so fond of makeup. As I entered my 30’s I needed makeup to hide my skin flaws which comes with ageing like hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. When we talk about makeup, how can we forget “Foundation”, which is the crucial part of makeup to even out the skin tone? And a boon to people like me.

Over the last few years I have tried a dozen of foundations and after some trial and much error finally I have found a foundation that I love. So here I am collating what I have learnt hard way. And before I go further let me tell you that no foundation is bad but it isn’t fit for our skin type.

Myth: Foundation is to make you look fair.

Fact: Foundation is not to look fair but to even out your skin tone.

There are tons of foundations available in the market. How will you choose the perfect foundation? Let’s narrow it down.

  1. Identify your skin type – What type of skin you have – Dry, oily or combination? Knowing your skin type will make finding a foundation much easier. Mattefying liquid or powder foundation works best for oily skin, hydrating cream foundations for dry skin and liquid or stick foundations for combination skin.
  2. Identify your skin undertone – Undertone is the underlying colors of your skin. Knowing your undertone will help you determine what foundation will look best on you.
  • Warm Undertone – You are warm undertone when your skin appears yellow, peachy or golden in the sun, you tan easily and the veins of your wrist are green.
  • Cool undertone – You are cool undertone when your skin has hues of pink, blue or red, you burn easily and tan minimally and the veins of your wrist are blue.
  • Neutral undertone – A neutral is a mix of cool and warm tones.

Finding the right foundation shade is the key to flawless skin. Always match the shade of the foundation with your skin color on your jawline and if possible in the natural lighting. If you are confused, get samples of one shade lighter and one shade darker and compare which one looks best. Some foundations oxidize after you apply them so getting samples before you buy a foundation is a good practice. Or you can buy from stores like Sephora which has good customer satisfaction policies. If you don’t like a product you can return it opened.

  1. Identify the coverage you need – Do you want full, light or medium coverage? If you have more blemishes on the skin then you will need a full coverage foundation. And sometimes you’re short on time and need a foundation for everyday use then a Color Correcting cream (CC cream) is the best bet. CC Cream smooths out your skin tone and cover blemishes and is good for dry skin. You can apply it like a primer or a foundation. When your CC cream is top notch then you can ditch the foundation. Recently I am in love with It CC cream which is perfect for me as my skin is dry and needs full coverage so I use it as a foundation (Medium shade) and a sunscreen. It provides heavier coverage than average CC creams. I use only few drops to cover my face so the tube lasts longer. It blends very easily and goes on smoothly even without a primer. I just moisturize my skin with Estee Lauder Moisturizer before applying the CC cream.


  1. You can mix 2 shades of foundation to get a perfect shade.
  2. Never apply foundation to an un-moisturized skin.
  3. Always apply a primer before a foundation to make the application smoother.

Linking some of the good foundations below. You can choose according to your skin type and the coverage.

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So if you’re looking for a new foundation then do consider these tips before buying. In case I have missed out something then don’t hesitate to let me know. And do drop in your feedback below.

Stay beautiful 🙂


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