Hide Body Imperfections With A Bandage Dress

Happy weekend everyone!! Recently, I have been gaining a lot of weight. And that’s because of 2 reasons: It’s snowing a lot in Iowa so I am not able to maintain my routine of outside workout, and there are a lot of occasions to celebrate so I am literally hogging on food!

One of the recent occasion to celebrate was our 8th Marriage Anniversary. Being a lover of dresses I wanted to wear a dress on my Anniversary. But constantly I was worried about my flab as I don’t want to look graceless due to the recent weight gain. So I was in search of a dress that hides my imperfections. I tried many dresses in stores but was not able to get a miraculous dress that makes me look toned. When I almost left a hope of getting such dress then I came across a bandage dress in Charlotte Russe, while shopping for a skirt for Valentine’s Day. Only after trying that dress I could realize its benefits.

Bandage dresses are resilient and tight. They are designed to fit snugly or like a second skin and hug you to smooth and shapely perfection. They offer the iconic bodycon silhouette but are different from standard bodycon dresses for some reasons. The layered panels across the dress provides structure, so you don’t need to wear shape wear underneath. It’s a major confidence booster for people having flab in particular parts of their body, they can just throw this dress on and not have to worry about shimmying in and out of shape wear to make it work.

A good bandage dress should tuck you in and double as shape-wear. In fact, quality bandage dresses work for women of all shapes and sizes. By clinging tightly to your body, these dresses improve your posture, shape your feminine profile and boost your confidence. Check out these bandage dresses that I have linked for you below:

Stay beautiful!


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    Quite useful info.. I agree..

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      Thanks babe <3

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