5 Tips On Styling Sweaters

When it comes to winter, the very first thought that strikes our mind is sweater. Who wants their winters to be boring and monotonous wearing same jackets, coats, jeans pairings isn’t it? So why not experiment something with the sweaters. You can be fashionable in winters while staying warm and cozy. I love knit wears for their versatility – They can be paired with casuals, formals, trendy clothes and still looks great. Let’s check out the ways we can style our sweaters.

1. Fur sweater with trousers/Pants – There’s nothing simple about a faux fur sweater. Faux Fur promises not only a cozy look, but a bold, stylish statement too. I have paired my Vero Moda fur sweater, gifted to me by my brother and is one of my favorites, with my Pastel pink Vero Moda pants. I love wearing pastel shades in winters. They add softness to our look. The only thing we need to keep in mind is doing light/nude makeup with it. As wearing lighter shade highlights our face imperfections so keep in mind to do some makeup. If the sweater is long it can be tucked into the trousers else we can use the cropped fur sweater. I preferred wearing pumps with it but you can also wear ankle boots and it looks stylish too.

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2. Over-sized sweaters with boots – Over-sized sweaters are in huge trend these days. They are very comfortable and cozy. You can wear them with a pair of jeans, distressed jeans or leggings. Let your over-sized sweater fall down one shoulder for a sassy look. If your over-sized sweater is long enough, it can be used as a dress. Wear stockings below and you are ready to go! I have added in a pop of color with the yellow sweater from Express and have paired it with skinny jeans and boots. To make it more casual you can wear sneakers with it.

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3. Embellished sweater with skirt – Last year I wore this rose embroidered sweater with jeans. But this year I thought to give it a whole new look and here I am. Rose motifs has a bit of a kick to it and it accentuates any sweater look. My sweater has enough detailing to make a dramatic statement. So I paired it with a subtle color skirt I bought a few years ago and over the knee boots. Carry a handbag and there you go.

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4. Sweater under a dress – Make your summer dress work for a colder weather by layering a turtleneck underneath. Turtlenecks can be used in a variety of ways for styling. It can be used under a dress, over a dress, with leggings, with jeans, with formals. I have teamed it with my Van Heusen formal dress I bought a few years ago and have completed the look with over the knee boots. I have scrunched up my boots to maintain a gap between my dress and my boots. You can add more detailing by adding a scarf around your neck and this gives a whole new look to your dress.

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5. Sweater with a skirt and neck piece – Here I have experimented with my turtleneck sweater. As there was not much detailing on it so I have worn a neck piece to break the monochrome black.

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These are the ways that I could style my sweaters. Do let me know how do you style yours.

Stay warm!

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